A Property Pre-purchase Report can ensure your next Real Estate Purchase has no Hidden Costs

We provide Arboricultural Property Pre-purchase Reports for real estate purchases.  These reports are becoming increasingly in demand as astute property buyers consider significant issues or costs that may be associated with the trees on a property.  The kind of tree issues you may inherit with a property purchase can include; tree health or condition (structural) issues, are the trees healthy and safe, and if not, how much will it cost to treat or remove them?  Are there any environmental planning issues relating to the trees or site which may impact on a property purchasers plans to develop the site? 

 We understand the stress and time constraints associated with purchasing a property.  We also understand the importance of due diligence when making what may be your biggest ever purchase.  Our comprehensive, unbiased Pre-purchase Reports will put your mind at ease and assist you to make the right decision.